Our Instructors

Vic Mehta - Director of Yoga


You'll have fun in Vic's classes. They are energetic with a focus on correct alignment, relaxation, rejuvenation and developing self-awareness. Vic has been practising yoga for over 15 years and enjoys sharing his love of yoga with all students.

He is passionate about learning and teaching yoga and has had a keen interest in yoga and yoga philosophy since childhood.

Lynne Swenson


Yoga Studio College of Canada - 2007,            Iyengar Certification - Intro II - 2016

Lynne has been a ‘student of yoga’ for  20+ years, a teacher since 2007, and is currently working toward her next level of Iyengar certification. She  enjoys Iyengar 's balance of proper alignment with strength, stability, and flexibility; allowing students to just "be" in the posture and enjoy. She is appreciated for her passion for teaching, precise instruction and knowledge. She teaches many classes including our Intro Workshops and Yoga for the visually impaired.            

 Lynne's Moto -  "When one teaches, two learn" 

Martha Affleck


Martha began her yoga journey when she was 12 years old and has been teaching since 2013. She is certified in Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga and working on her Masters in Science in Physiotherapy. When Martha isn’t studying biomechanics she likes to garden, travel, ride her horses, try new things, and of course hang out with her cats Bob & Doug.

Martha’s teaching principles are observation, support, and compassion.

Sherry Norman


Sherry completed her teacher training at The Yoga Studio College of Canada after first rolling out the matt more than 15 years ago. She is a certified Rest and Renew® Trainer, and loves the on-going learning experience of being a teacher and regularly attend workshops and intensives both locally and internationally.

Sherry enjoys integrating postures that tone and strengthen the body along with deep relaxation and stillness to rejuvenate and heal mind, body and spirit. Her intention as a teacher is to provide a safe and nourishing environment where students can reconnect with their own inner wisdom.

Barb Lee


Barb started her journey on the path of Iyengar yoga in 1999, and continues her studies with Canada's senior teachers.                    

                                                                                    Come and share Barb’s love of yoga in classes that blend all elements of traditional practice: mobility, stability, strength and alignment while maintaining awareness of the breath. Iyengar certified: Introductory II.

Melanie Batychy


Yoga Studio College of Canada - 2012,            Iyengar Certification - Intro II - 2018

Melanie discovered yoga as a way to gain strength and flexibility while managing stress during her 17 year career as a professional ballet dancer. She loves Iyengar Yoga for its accessibility to everyone, regardless of physical limitations; and its transformative effect on the mind, body and spirit.

She loves when her students observe changes in their practice that stay with them "off the mat". When not doing Yoga, Melanie can be found on her bike or in the mountains with her family.

Sandy Martino


Sandy has been teaching at Yoga Sarana since 2001.  Iyengar yoga has strongly influenced her practice and enjoys the infinite creative possibilities for practice and teaching.                                

Sandy loves teaching, witnessing student experiences, and understands that an Intelligent and consistent practice keeps one holistically well.

Aaron Patrick


Aaron has been teaching for nearly a decade.  During his multiple trips to India, Europe and Asia, he has studied with teachers of various Tantric and Taoist traditions, as well as Zhan Zhuang - a powerful form of Qigong. 


Aaron is also a certified Critical Alignment Yoga Therapist, but credentials aside - with his harmonium, beat box and his undeniable passion and unique teaching methods, Aaron's classes can't be missed !

Suzanne Boucher-Chen


Iyengar Certification - Interm.Junior 1

Suzanne is new to Yoga Sarana and we are so excited to have her. She holds her Iyengar Yoga Intermediate Junior 1 certificate and is devoted to Iyengar yoga for its healing powers, precision, dynamism and peacefulness.

Mario Argento - Qigong


 Mario has emerged as one of Calgary’s most accessible and accomplished teachers of Qigong. He presents easy-to-learn practices that will help you relieve pain, clear stress and tension, and harness your body's unequaled capacity for self-restoration.   

He developed his passion for Qigong in 2001 when he turned to the practice as an alternative health treatment to heal his back injury. Since then Mario has studied various schools of Medical Qigong. 

Adonia Tsakalakis


Adonia guides her yoga classes through presence, and believes that a committed daily practice, makes that happen.

Adonia immigrated to Canada from Greece as a child and is an active participant in the Hellenic community of Calgary. The ability to connect the mind, body and spirit has been something very enlightening and is a continuous journey of learning.

Inga Norkute


Inga's yoga journey began in 1994 in London, England, taking classes to offset a busy work-life schedule as an IT developer.

In 2013 she entered the teacher training program, since then Inga has studied with a number of senior Iyengar yoga teachers worldwide and is certified as an Intermediate Junior I.

Laila Moos


Laila has been an avid follower of the Iyengar way for many years, and loves it because it is yoga for every body !

She completed her foundational teacher training in 2012 and is currently studying and practicing for her Intro 1/2 Iyengar Certification. Laila is also a junior high humanities and drama teacher with the Calgary Board of Education.

Vandana Vora


Vandana invites you to relax, renew your spirit and rediscover yourself – thru the healing practice of Restorative Yoga and Meditative Yogic sleep (Yoga Nidra). She has studied and taught in India and in Calgary; was first certified in 2010, is a Level 1 Relax and Renew Trainer (2011), and Certified inYoga for Anxiety, Anger and Depression (2014).

When not teaching she loves to listen to spiritual lectures and chanting, reading, and cooking - all with family & friends. 

Usher Fleising


Yoga College of Canada - 2013,                        Iyengar Certification - Intro II - 

Yoga is the unexpected new career for Usher after retiring in 2004 from the University of Calgary (Professor of Anthropology). An occasional yoga student since 1995, Iyengar became his focus as it made him feel healthy; and the philosophy resonated with his knowledge of the evolution of human locomotion. Returning to Calgary in 2011, Usher was soon teaching; he participates in Yoga and Writing sessions and assists with Yoga for MS and Yoga for Men in Drug and Alcohol Recovery.  

Martina Walsh


Yoga Studio College of Canada - 2007,            Iyengar Certification - Intro IJ2

Martina started taking yoga classes in 1998 when she was a young mother of three kids - meaning 6:00 AM classes! She started teaching at Yoga Sarana in 2009 - and has trained in Pune, India with the Iyengar family three times - 2014, 2016 and 2018.  She loves yoga  - there  is always a new asana to learn; and finds teaching  very rewarding when students see the physical and mental changes that yoga brings. 

Martina just started playing golf and has noticed how yoga, especially the twisting asanas, have made her a natural !           Martina is also Yoga Thrive certified - a program for Cancer survivors.

Angela Grace


Iyengar Certification - Intro II - 2018

Angela started her Iyengar journey in 2000, and became a certified teacher in 2018.  She loves Iyengar Yoga's structure, challenge, and love for the depth and richness the practice and community.   She combines two loves - yoga and psychology by creating balanced classes for overall well-being and personal growth.  Angela believes there is nothing more important than a balanced nervous system, and Iyengar yoga provides that.  Angela loves rolling out her yoga mat each morning and watching her rescue pitbull Mira jump on it and do a perfect downward facing dog!

Carolyn Badger


Iyengar Certification - Intro I 

Since 2017, Carolyn has been enrolled in the Iyengar Certification Intro II Teacher Training program. She has been practising Iyengar yoga at Yoga Sarana since 2013 and began teaching at the studio in 2019. The physical aspect of yoga brought Carolyn into the Iyengar studio; the strength, balance and flexibility she gained led to a search for these qualities in her intellectual and spiritual life, with exciting results!  Carolyn enjoys sharing accomplishments with students and exploring everything the practice provides.                                             Handstands - a great substitute for             5 o’clock martinis!

Rosemarie Bartschak


Sattva School of Yoga (1000 hrs)- 2004            

Rosemarie started doing yoga in 1985 from a VHS tape - she didn't enter a yoga studio for 10 years ! She loves yoga because it works - makes her  free, balanced and happy. She also has training from the Alberta Yoga College, Yoga College of Canada , and in has been trained in Baptist Yoga, Yin Yoga, Prenatal and Restorative Yoga and Meditation. She loves teaching and tells her students - really you just have to show up and do the work and results will come - guaranteed!