WE HAVE MOVED !! 622 Edmonton Trail NE - 403-228-5808

About Us

Studio Philosophy


Yoga - for Every Body

We are serious about this philosophy - at Yoga Sarana we are focused on inclusion, on community and on fun, safe and accessible yoga practise. 

We have all levels - no matter if it is  your first time on the mat to your five hundredth! Come enhance your health and find your balance, with us.



Our instructors are among the most experienced instructors in the city - you are in good hands with our team. Many of our teachers are certified in Iyengar Yoga, with its intense study; but we offer many types of classes and programs. 

We are Calgary's longest running Yoga studio, and for a good reason - come find out why!

Big Future


Our studio was originally established in 1996 - and after many years in an old and outdated studio we are on the move!! And the day has finally arrived !!

We have moved - 622 Edmonton Trail NE

With our partners "The Way" and "Cabcity Cafe" we will be part of the "Crystal Palace" come join us!

Why Yoga?

Yoga for Every Body

Come unite your mind, body, and soul while you  ease tension and promote your well being at Calgary's longest running studio. Regular practice improves your breathing, strength, endurance, and outlook on life. Yoga will strengthen but relax your body while clearing and focusing your mind 

Yoga is for every body and our extensive use of props and focus on proper alignment means truly anyone can get the benefits of this practise - no matter your age, fitness or scepticism level - Yoga Sarana will benefit you

What is IYENGAR Yoga

Iyengar Yoga, is named for B. K. S. Iyengar and described in his bestselling book Light on Yoga (1966). This style has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment; using props in the performance of yoga postures 

such as belts, blocks, and blankets, as aids for getting into poses correctly, minimizing the risk of injury or strain. Teachers receive extensive training - measured in years, not hours.  While we have other forms of yoga at Yoga Sarana but we keep the foundations set in Iyengar in everything we do.                        Learn more at www.bksiyengar.com

Studio Tips

At Yoga Sarana we know that it can be confusing and intimidating to come to a new place. To make sure everyone feels safe, comfortable and welcome we have a few guidelines and some basic yoga etiquette that keep everything running smoothly.  

When we move to our new location, things will be bigger and brighter and we will be sharing the space with some great new partners we really hope you will get to know.

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